Current Openings

Open Job Vacancies

Part-time Financial Controller (London North)
London North
Part-time Financial Controller (Chippenham)
Part-time Financial Controller (London South)
London South
Part Time Senior Bookkeeper (London South)
London South
Part Time Senior Bookkeeper (London North)
London North
Part-time Financial Controller (Leeds)
North East
Part-time Senior Bookkeeper (Manchester)
North West
Part-time Senior Bookkeeper (Warrington)
North West
Part-time Financial Controller (Birkenhead)
North West
Part Time Senior Bookkeeper (Brighton)
Surrey & Sussex
Part-time Financial Controller (Canterbury)
Surrey & Sussex
Part-time Financial Controller (Telford)
West Country
Part-time Financial Controller (Swindon)
West Country
Part-time Financial Controller (Bristol or Bath)
West Country
Part-time Financial Controller (Cheltenham)
West Country
Part-time Senior Bookkeeper (Bath)
West Country

About You

Are you looking for a change in the way you work?

Already working freelance, but want to become part of a team and have clients sourced for you?


Employed, but dreaming of the opportunity to be able to work with flexibility around your family or other personal commitments?

We are looking for people that believe in making things operate better, faster, more efficiently - people that enjoy learning new things, relish the opportunity to deliver outstanding work and have a desire to be part of a larger team of like-minded people.

Do you have these skills and qualities?

  • confident, resourceful, collaborative, well organised, deadline focused, calm,  approachable and efficient
  • proficient in two out of 3 of the following packages: Sage50 / Xero / QuickBooks and an experienced versatile Excel user
  • have availability to work with us a minimum of 2 days a week 
  • able to travel happily up to an hour from home
  • able to communicate clearly and effectively, with good written and oral English language skills
  • happy to deliver the work our way and to adapt your normal practice to complete the work the way we train you to
  • committed to building your part-time portfolio working with established and growing businesses

If this sounds like you then we look forward to hearing from you!

In the video below YRH team members explain why they love working with YRH.

Why Join Us?

Becoming part of the team

And here's what some of the rest of the YRH team have to say:

"YRH isn’t just a job; YRH is a lifestyle! I can’t say that I was simply contracted, but rather INVITED to be a part of this amazing organisation. Treated as a true professional, respected, boosted with confidence and simply thanked so many times for being involved. Furthermore, I received the right support when required, met with many great personalities, got connected with a variety of learned experts in the field and made lasting friendships."       Monika Jasica, Finance Manager.

"I have loved our professional way of working, our commitment to clients, and our connectedness with other YRH people! Having started my accountancy career in practice, it has felt like coming home!"                                                                                      Sarah Connor, Financial Controller.

"One of the greatest attractions that YRH holds for me is flexibility. As a working mother, the ability to tailor my hours of work to fit in with my family and other commitments has worked brilliantly for me. Other things that I love about YRH are - their commitment to professional development and training, a forum of skilled colleagues to answer tricky queries and competitive pay to name but a few."                                                                                 Anvita Jain, Finance Manager.

"YRH sticks to their true values which shows in all areas of the business. I would highly recommend YRH to anyone who is looking for a more flexible, fun and exciting opportunity where they can benefit from a greater work life balance."        Leigh McLaren Brierley, Engagement Manager.

About us

What we stand for

"I started the company as I wanted to help business owners feel happier - because their business was more successful and they felt in control. I had seen too many lose their way and get tangled up in financial issues they didn’t understand. I knew that I could make a real difference by giving them an effective, professional accounting function that looked after their money properly and provided them with financial information that helped them make sound decisions. Which means I could also help them grow as far and as fast as they wanted."        Jennifer Raines, CEO.

YRH enables growing businesses to access both accounting best practice and the best financial professionals in an affordable and scalable way. 

We provide a source of part time (portfolio) work for experienced and professional finance people, who are supported by a central marketing and sales team and have access to a like-minded group of contemporaries and technical learning and development.

The YRH values that inform our behaviour are:

  • Open
  • Collaborative
  • Committed
  • Excellence
  • Progressive

Our Team

The people you'll meet on your application journey

Fiona Mace
Susie Duncan
Talent Manager
Bailey Harrison
Resourcing Manager
Jane Ryan
Operations Director
Adrian Frost
Regional Partner - Surrey & Sussex
Steve Owens
Regional Partner - Beds, Bucks & Herts
Adam Smith
Regional Partner - North West
Tim Johnson
Regional Partner - London South
Michael Spyrou
Regional Partner - London North
Martin Manning
Regional Partner - North East
Tony Sheridan
Regional Partner - East of England
Graham Penman
Regional Partner - West Country

The Resourcing Process

What to expect once you apply

Covering letter and CV review

Once you click through a job opening and apply, your application will be forwarded to our Resourcing Team who will review your covering letter and CV to ensure you have the right skills and experience to work as part of our team.

Telephone interview

One of our Resourcing Team will contact successful applicants for an initial call to establish what you are looking for and whether we think working with us will fulfil those expectations.

Video interview 1

After the telephone call, if we believe we would be a good fit for each other, you will be invited to a video interview with Susie (our Talent Manager) or Jane (our Operations Director). You will be asked some technical questions during this interview and FCs will be asked to analyse a Balance Sheet that has been sent beforehand. We will also ask you an array of questions to ensure we think you have the right personality and values to enjoy working with us and our clients.

Video interview 2

You will be invited to meet your regional partner on another video call. They will be checking to make sure they think you are a fit with the types of client their region attracts and that we can provide you with the right sort of work.

This is the last stage in the interview process! If you are successful an offer will be made and you will be invited to our next two day online induction.

We try and respond to all applications within two weeks, but in very busy times it might take longer - we ask you to please bear with us if this is the case.

At each stage of the resourcing process we are trying to make sure that you will be happy working with us, with the right skills, fit and values to make it a mutually beneficial relationship. 

Only 1 in 100 applicants make it onto our team - we hope you are one of them!